Today IBM released the Social Business Toolkit SDK on OpenNTF as open source.

The SDK is targeted towards web and Java developers to easily access IBM Social Platform, including IBM Connections and IBM SmartCloud for Social Business. It can be run on many Java application servers like WebSphere Application Server, Tomcat, WebSphere Portal and Domino. The SDK provides easy to use JavaScript and Java APIs that encapsulate authentication mechanisms like OAuth, avoid JSON and Atom parsing and abstract the specific target environments.

Download the SDK from OpenNTF.

There is a new community on developerWorks ( that contains links to documentation, videos, forums, etc. The core documentation resides in the social business development wiki. The wiki also contains the education material that was used in the recent onsite workshops.

We'd like to leverage popular communities. In addition to OpenNTF we've also planned to put the code on GitHub soon. We ask developers to use StackOverflow for questions and answers since this has worked out well for XPages. Please use the tag "ibmsbt" so that other developers can easily find your questions. To stay up to date with Social Business Toolkit related news, please follow us on Twitter - ibmsbt.

Below are some videos describing the toolkit overall, the different samples and how to set up your IDE.

IBM Social Business Toolkit overview:

Sample apps walk through:

Java IDE and SDK setup:

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