Phil Riand and Christian Guedemann have contributed recently new releases of the Extension Library, myWebGate Social Software and JDBC access for Domino.

JDBC Access for IBM Lotus Domino (download)

From Phil:

Here is a new version matching the growing interest for this project. It fixes some bugs:
- Crash when using multiple value items with many entries
- Sometimes using a bad index for NOTEID and UNID

But even more interesting, it provides a new capability for dealing with multiple value items.
- The is a new option (SeparateMulti) for a view, splitting an entry into multiple rows
- A new system @rowid column for dealing with split entries
- A new defaultColumn attribute to a view
These 3 new features allows a more relational use of multiple value fields. Have a look at the documentation for more details.

As ever, send us your feedback on this project. And also help us by testing it with your own data.

XPages Extension Library (download)

From Phil:

Fall 2012 release. This is mostly a bug fix release. You can find the list of the issues addressed in the readme.pdf file (page 5).

As ever, enjoy!

myWebGate Social Software (download)

From Christian:

- Added basic support for Internet Explorer (tested with IE 8. Do NOT use compatibility mode). Profiles in read and edit mode and also the news stream will now render properly in Internet Explorer. The micropublisher in the news stream will allow you to post status messages.
Please note that we do not recommend using Internet Explorer. Some features are still not supported by this browser due to missing functionality. Uploading photos is not supported. There are still some known issues when using Internet Explorer.
- Fixed a css styling issue in the micropublisher, where the upload button did not display properly.
- Fixed various java issues in the newsstream renderer.

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