Bruce Elgort, Per Henrik Lausten, Serdar Basegmez, Frank van der Linden, Jesse Gallagher and I have open sourced the initial release of Collaboration Today.

We also put the sources on GitHub which we use for source control management. The GitHub project is part of the OpenNTF GitHub space.

We'd appreciate feedback. Please create feature requests or defects.

As always you can leverage parts of the application in your own apps or use it as is, e.g. to host local versions of Collaboration Today or build news aggregator sites for your intranet.

The project has been built via several other open source projects - from OpenNTF and external.

WatrCoolr - 0.8
Mobile Documents 1.1
myWebGate 1.1
Feed Generator XPage Agent 0.11
ReCaptcha Custom Control 1.02
Jdom - 1.1.2
Nekohtml 1.9.15
Apache HttpComponents client 4.2.1
Apache HttpComponents Core 4.2.1
Jquery 1.7.1
Twitter bootstrap 2.0.4,
PrettyTime 1.0.8

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