Bruce Elgort announced the winners of the last XSnippets contest.

In addition to the two winners ...

DynamicViewCustomizer (Jesse Gallagher)
userIs... VariableResolver to Check Roles (Paul Withers)

... there are also some very good additional ones. Here are some examples:

Enhanced Error Messages control (Tommy Valand)
"Shows messages for any control with validation errors. Shows link on label if present, message if not present. When you click the link, focus is set to the field with a small highlight effect. If the field is in a Dojo tab container, the tab that contains the field is selected. Messages are sorted by the order of the fields. Original blogpost."

Just Simple PickList Dialog (Ferhat Bulut)
"Simple PickList Dialog. Sample Screenshot."

Dynamic View Panel Customizer Bean (Paul Calhoun)
"This is an example of base code that can be used for the Extension Libraries Dynamic View Panel Customizer bean property. Add the code to your NSF as a Java Code Element (8.5.3) or as a java class in the package explorer (8.5.2)."

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