OpenNTF developers can now use GitHub as their source control management service for OpenNTF projects.

From the GitHub page: "Git is an extremely fast, efficient, distributed version control system ideal for the collaborative development of software. GitHub is the best way to collaborate with others."

On GitHub 2,159,346 people are hosting over 3,759,381 repositories, some of which are jQuery, reddit, Sparkle, curl, Ruby on Rails, node.js, ClickToFlash, Erlang/OTP, CakePHP, and Redis. GitHub is free for open source projects. You can have unlimited public repositories and unlimited public collaborators.

OpenNTF has created an OpenNTF space on GitHub which will contain all OpenNTF projects that want to use GitHub.

As for "cleared" releases in the OpenNTF Catalogs all contributors with write permission must be covered by an OpenNTF ICLA or CCLA. Releases are as always subject to IP scanning by the OpenNTF IP Manager.

OpenNTF asks that developers using the OpenNTF GitHubspace to also deliver their releases as usual on OpenNTF. So essentially, everything stays as is on the OpenNTF side of things but, developers can now use the additional source control system. Over time we'd like to work on integration the GitHub functionality into the site.

Keith Strickland documented the other day on his blog how to set up Domino Designer to use Git leveraging the OpenNTF project EGit for Domino Designer.

If you want to set up a project in the OpenNTF GitHub space please contact our IP manager (

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