The last episode of This Week in Lotus covers the fourth OpenNTF Development Contest (download). The part about the contest is between minute 12:10 and 41:15.

Christian Guedemann from WebGate talks in this podcast about his experience in participating in the previous contest in which his application myWebGate Social Software was one of the winners.

As an appetizer here are some of his statements:

"Several customers came to us and told us 'There is something we have seen on OpenNTF. Wau, you have made this? Can we implement this in our own company?' We have helped them to implement this."

"Another customer is using myWebGate as the base framework for transforming old Domino applications to this new look and feel."

"They are so surprised that such a small Swiss company can make such a huge project and deliver it to OpenNTF as open source."

"It was wonderful to see how the responses were in the community about myWebGate."

"In the next release we'll also deliver a myWebGate API based on the Social Business Toolkit from IBM."

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