Last week Bruce Elgort announced the winners of the first XSnippets contest. This was the first occurrence of our new ongoing XSnippets contest series. Every quarter developers can win 4 x $100.

In addition to the two winners Per Henrik Lausten, Mark Leusink and I also liked several other snippets that I encourage you to take a look.

Use @Transform to build JSON and consume the output in an XAgent
LtpaToken Generator for Multi-server SSO Configurations

Sample about NamePicker Data Provider (dataBean)
Call WebService from Java (SSJS - XPages)
Create Calendar Entry with SSJS
getNextBusinessDay(int offset, Date baseDate, int[] excludedDaysOfWeek, String[] excludedDateList)
XPages Compatible Dojo Dijit Dialog with Non-Closable option
OneUI Application Layout Custom Control
Save Datasource & Fire querySave/postSave events
Login dialog
Refresh application scope variables
Update server side code from client side on interval
Save Datasource & Fire querySave/postSave events

Since our contest series is ongoing the next iteration has already started. All snippets that are submitted to between 07/01/12 and 09/30/12 count as submissions to the contest. Contributors have to be approved OpenNTF contributors, e.g. they need to be covered by an ICLA or CCLA. All snippets are open sourced under the Apache license version 2.

Contributors can win in two different ways:
1) Two contributors will be randomly selected from a pool of contributors who submitted four or more snippets during the contest. Each of the winning contributors will receive an award of $100.
2) Two contributors will be chosen via judging based on technical value and wow factor for single submissions. These two contributors will also receive $100 each.

All prizes will be awarded as cash prizes. Winners will be able decide whether they want to receive Amazon vouchers or receive payment via PayPal.

The only minor change to the first occurrence is that Per, Mark and I wanted to give some advice as to how the judging will be done. So here are the criteria:

1) Novelty / uniqueness
2) Specific to XPages
3) Complexity / work
4) Consumability / documentation

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