Jesse Gallagher has contributed a first version of his Ruby in XPages project. It essentially allows using the Ruby scripting language in XPages.

Here is a screenshot and there is also a mini video.

A picture named M2

Jesse describes in his blog more details about the project. He provides an overview of the features in the project description:

- Works with both #-style and $-style bindings and for both value bindings and method bindings (e.g. beforePageLoad)
- Allows for Ruby "Script Libraries". [...] can be references on a page like a normal library but with "text/ruby" or "text/x-ruby" as the type: <xp:script src="/somelibrary.rb" type="text/ruby" clientSide="false" />
- Can access local variables as readily as in Server JavaScript, such as "session", "database", and repeat-local variables
- The included file "domino.rb" contains some extensions for the Domino product objects in Ruby, allowing for Ruby-style looping in collection classes (e.g. docs.each { |doc| ... }) and hash-style access to a document's item values (e.g. doc["Form"]). It is meant to be added to the project as a "Script Library" as described above
- Though currently commented out, there is some extremely-basic support for arbitrary other scripting languages.

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