OpenNTF thanks all people who help promoting OpenNTF and educating XPages and Domino developers!

Most recently Andrew Luder, author of DominoDefrag presented OpenNTF and how to build a successful OpenNTF project at AusLUG 2012.

Last month Rene Winkelmeyer presented the best OpenNTF apps at BLUG.

Next week Kevin Pettitt will present OpenNTF at the DC Lotus User Group.

There were also dedicated OpenNTF sessions at several LCTY conferences in Germany and Netherlands and Entwicklercamp. Furthermore many people mention OpenNTF in other XPages sessions.

If you are interested to present OpenNTF please contact us so that we can help. There is some marketing material you can reuse and we can also help setting up demos.

We also appreciate other forms of promotions, e.g. tweets, Facebook likes, embedded OpenNTF banners or contest banners, etc.

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