There is a new release of the XPages Extension Library.

Here is a description from Phil Riand:

"2 months between this release and the previous one, this never happened before. The team had been in fact busy with all the post Lotusphere buzz but we're now back on track :-) This release contains fixes and, for the first time, we have a list! The included readme.pdf file now tracks what is being done between two releases. So enjoy this new build. We'll try to not wait 2 months for the next one."

Changes to the Data Service

This release of the extension library includes significant changes to the Domino data service. In particular:
- Rich text items are now represented in multipart format by default. When reading a document, multipart format lets you read embedded images and attachments with the rest of the rich text. When creating a new document, you can now include embedded images and attachments. This change may affect existing applications. If you want to read rich text in the old format, you can use the multipart=false parameter.
- We've added support for cache control and concurrent updates to documents. When you read a document, the data service response includes a Last-Modified header. When reading the document a second time, you can specify the If-Modified-Since header. When updating or deleting a document, you can specify the If-Unmodified-Since header.
- We've updated the data service documentation. For more information on the preceding bullets and other changes, see

New Mail Service

This release of the extension library includes a new REST service called the Domino mail service. The mail service lets you:
- Discover a list of mail resources for the authenticated user.
- Read the list of messages in the inbox, sent view and drafts view.
- Delete a message.
- Send a message in either JSON or MIME format.
- Save and update a draft message in either JSON or MIME format.

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