Guo Yi and Chen Yang Jun have prototyped an extension to the import and export tool. At some point OpenNTF used this tool to allow importing XPages custom controls into Designer (see old video). There were a couple of issues with this tool though that the new prototype tries to address.

The old version wasn't that visible in Designer. The new version can be launched via right clicking on an NSF project. The old version also used a browser to display the controls, the new one a native Eclipse UI. Additionally the flow in the old version was not natural and not all files/design elements were imported (e.g. no custom Java classes).

Below are some screenshots. Since Guo Yi and Chen Yang Jun work on this in their spare time feedback from you would help to get this finished. I'd think this would be a great addition to OpenNTF and provide a lot of value, now that we have a critical number of open source controls.

A picture named M2

A picture named M3

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