Just a quick update. OpenNTF has received six submissions so far for the XPages Development Contest sponsored by IBM business partner We4IT. Links to these submissions as well as screenshots and videos have been added to http://xpages.info/contest.

A picture named M2

Over the last weeks developers have also contributed other non XPages projects to OpenNTF:

Mail File Digest: The Domino add-in task scans all mail files homed on the server and produces a summary of each.  

soapgateQ: soapgate Q! for Domino is a web service based data access API providing the most important features of Lotus Notes Domino.

ASND Server Resource Facility: Allow Domino administrators to manage the transfer of file based resources that are available on the Domino Servers in their environment.

MailScan: Free domino server addin for scanning email attachments for viruses. Integrates your well known command line virusscanner in domino, vendor independent.

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