We are thinking about significant changes to the OpenNTF.Org web site, both in terms of UI and functionality.

One goal is to provide version control systems on OpenNTF. Right now projects with multiple owners can use SVN repositories on OpenNTF. We'd like to extend this and also offer Git and Mercurial repositories for all projects.

Another goal is to update the project management UI. In this context Declan Lynch has promoted Redmine for a long time. Redmine is an open source project management application. OpenNTF project owners could benefit from it since, for example, each project can have it's own Wiki and it's own forums. Furthermore Git and Mercurial can be integrated in Redmine.

We'd also like to extend the reach and be present in other established communities. That's why we ask XPages developers to use StackOverflow and that's why we integrated questions from StackOverflow on XPages.info. Another established and growing community especially for open source is GitHub with over 4 million open source repositories. We'd like XPages developers to be able to use GitHub also as version control system for OpenNTF projects. Redmine supports integrating projects from GitHub (with some manual configuration).

Below is a deck describing some of these ideas in more details. Please note that none of this has been committed yet.

There are some technical questions that we need to figure out first. Especially the SSO between Domino and the Ruby on Rails/Apache based Redmine is a challenge. Declan and Bruce found some starting points (here and here) but we'd appreciate help from the community.

There is also plenty of other work. Please contact us if you are interested in implementing certain parts.

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