I blogged some time ago about different types of XPages developers. One type of developers are Java developers who use the Eclipse IDE to build their own extension libraries which can be deployed as OSGi bundles globally to Domino servers. While this is not as easy as building apps and controls with Designer it provides more capabilities and allows easy usage in multiple databases.

These custom libraries use the XPages Extensibility API. I provided some time ago simple samples showing how to use this API.

Nathan Freeman brought this now to a new level. His project XSP Starter Kit has many more samples and more sophisticated samples.

Additionally Nathan shared some code that makes it really easy to set up an Eclipse IDE for XPages development: XPages SDK for Eclipse. With this project you don't need the Expeditor toolkit. There is also a wizard to create your own extension library plugin. Read more in his blog.

When you develop plugins in Eclipse you can directly debug them (often) without having to redeploy them. Check out the Debug Plugin and watch this video.

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