The XSnippets team is making more progress on the project. We have some good news ...

First of all, there are a couple of improvements since Niklas Heidloff's Widget and Facebook Comments additions.

Many contributors requested to edit their own snippets. It was a necessary function and we've implemented it.

Furthermore we have implemented a signaling functionality. There is a report button now and it sends a message to us. You may use this function not only to report violations, but also if the code is not working, wrong or duplicate.

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Here, I want to explain why we needed this. There is an important point about XSnippets that all contributors have to understand clearly. XSnippets is not so different from projects in terms of licensing. We are licensing codes in Apache 2.0 which means that if you are pasting any code here, either it belongs to you, or you have explicitly (preferably to the code section) credited an appropriate source which has been licensed in a suitable model... In case you are not sure, please consult the IP Manager.

We have also implemented Share buttons:

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Plus at the bottom of each page related tweets are displayed, e.g. XAgent.

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Finally, we have named this version as 1.0 now (it's not beta anymore!) and we have released it's source on OpenNTF.

We've added a link to XSnippets in the navigator:

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We hope the open source release would be very helpful to the community. We are still working on some ideas and we will continue to blog about our story...

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