We'd like to post soon a new version of the XPages Extension Library on OpenNTF with new functionality to build mobile apps based on XPages.

This version is different from the OpenNTF project XPages Mobile Controls. The main difference is that the new controls have been implemented as library controls so that they can be used in custom apps without having to copy and paste design elements. Since the new version requires Domino 8.5.3 the OpenNTF controls can still be used for 8.5.2.

The new version of the mobile controls in the extension library is also significantly different from previous versions of these library controls in the extension library. The new version is now the first candidate to be included in the Lotus Domino upgrade pack based on 8.5.3 that is targeted for later this year.

Here are some of the highlights:

- Based on Dojo 1.6.1

- Built as library controls that can be deployed on Domino

- Out of the box styles for iPhone and Android. Custom styles possible

- View control to display Domino views including all filter mechanisms as for desktop applications

- Documents can be rendered easily via forms controls and manipulated as in desktop applications

- Header, outline and tab bar controls

- Dynamic content control to change a mobile page without reloading the whole page

Here is a video demonstrating the end user functionality in the first part and in the second part how to build mobile apps:

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