Keith Strickland has contributed a new project to OpenNTF - XBlog. He describes it in his blog:

- Everything is configurable, layout, date formats, sidebars, styles, everything
- Multiple Layouts already configured
- Web Based Blog management site
- RSS Import from your previous blog (This kind-of works and could certainly use some improvement, especially in resource management)
- Google +1, facebook, twitter and digg this icons for all posts
- Spam Prevention provided by Akismet
- XSS Prevention proided by AntiSamy
- Tags instead of Categories
- Google Analytics and Google Adwords built in
- Downloads are part of posts and pages
- Automatic Comment locking after X# days
- Build in code syntax highlighting using SyntaxHighlighter 3.0
- Email notifications for blog owner and blog commentors (if they so choose)

There is also a good documentation in which Keith thanks several other OpenNTF contributors for their help and input: Karsten Lehmann, Tim Tripcony, Ferry Kranenburg, Declan Lynch, Thomas Ladehoff.

Here is a screenshot:

A picture named M2

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