In addition to contributing and sharing source code on OpenNTF.Org, the OpenNTF Alliance also allows now the posting of certain binary files under proprietary licenses. The Alliance approves these types of projects if the binary files support the mission of OpenNTF to generate more and better open source projects.

- Binaries used to install or update OpenNTF projects (where the installation/update code is subject to proprietary use restrictions)
- Software tools that could be useful for the development of code for OpenNTF for joint code development
- Modifications and/or extensions to the Notes/Domino product that facilitate the functioning of one or more OpenNTF projects

Such permission would be granted only:
- Where users may make reasonable use of the binary file for no charge
- Where the users posting the files are covered by a CCLA or ICLA
- Where the posting clearly indicates that the downloadable file is under a proprietary license
- There is no open source alternative that could easily serve as a replacement for the binary file

So far there is no real tool project on OpenNTF.Org yet but only a test project.

From the right sidebar a view with all test projects can be opened:

A picture named M2

Tool projects are clearly marked as such:

A picture named M3

The releases have a proprietary license in the distribution zip file:

A picture named M4

As you can imagine we have some concrete tool projects in mind which hopefully will be released soon.

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