Philippe Riand and the XPages development team from IBM have released an early version of the XPages Extension Library on OpenNTF.

Here is the project and and here you can download the release. There is also a >70 pages documentation describing how to use the library, how to extend it and how key controls are beeing implemented. All of this work is in progress, and feedback is more than welcome.

The XPages Extension Library provides a set of new XPages artifacts that are ready to use. It contains a set of new XPages controls that supplement the existing ones by providing new capabilities like:
- An application layout object for rendering the main frame
- Improved UI components, like dialogs, in context forms, etc.
- A set of data pickers (value and name pickers)
- .... and a lot more!

The goals of this project are:
- Make the development of Domino web applications even easier and faster
- Lower the entry cost of Domino web development
- An extended set of out-of-the-box artifacts encapsulates a lot of common patterns
- Ease the modernization of existing applications
- Make prototyping faster than ever
- Create a brand new, well looking, custom application in minutes
- Evolve the prototype to an actual production ready application

It is built on top of Notes/Domino 8.5.2, using the XPages Extension API provided with this release. As such, it is also a nice example showing how to use this API.

We will publish in the next days more information about the single controls and capabilities.

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