The most requested OpenNTF improvement in the IdeaJam last week was to give project leads a possibility to define for which tasks they are looking for help. Other OpenNTF contributors can then easier find out how they could help.

Ferry Kranenburg, author of several OpenNTF projects, offered to implement this and has finished a first version that is now live.

OpenNTF users can easily see now for which projects help is wanted by clicking the 'Help Wanted' link in the 'Explore OpenNTF' section.

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The link leads to a page with all open tasks that can be sorted by last modified date, type of help and technical area.

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Project leads can define for which tasks they are looking for help in the project area.

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The type of help and technology are kept simple on purpose. Details can be entered in the details rich text field. Type of help can be: Implementation, documentation, testing, translation, other. Technology area: XPages, Eclipse, classic Web dev, classic Notes dev, C extension, other.

Thanks a lot to Ferry for implementing this functionality. Please let us know what else should be added. One feature to add could be auto expiration of tasks.

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