My collegue Yoshiroh Kamiyama is the original author of the dojox/mobile code in Dojo 1.5. Kamiyama has now extended that code to also support Blackberry browsers before Blackberry will support webkit (see here).

In order to get this to work Kamiyama had to identify issues and missing functionality and figure out workarounds whenever possible. For example you cannot have spaces in the viewport tag (see here), dojo.require doesn't work since xhr is not supported which is why all JS code needs to be merged in one file, you cannot use CSS sprites, the fade animation doesn't work, dojo.hash doesn't seem to work, etc.

Finding out these things was not easy. Thanks a lot to Kamiyama.

Since Dojo 1.5 was just released that code won't make Dojo 1.5 but we need to look if and when this could be delivered to a future Dojo release. There is also a significant amount of testing required since only one simulator was tested so far.

I've extended slightly the XPages Mobile Controls so that the core controls like mView and mDocumentContainer work. Essentially I only had to change some code that manipulates the client side DOM.

Here is a quick demo. Don't get distracted by the iPhone style. The style can easily be changed with the dojox/mobile framework:

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