A big thank you to everyone who has participated in the OpenNTF IdeaJam. We got 50 ideas and more than 1000 votes.

Especially we want to thank Patrick Kwinten, Ferry Kranenburg and Ethann Castell who have contributed most of the ideas. But we also thank all other people who have contributed ideas: Darren Duke, Keith Brooks, Marius Loewe, Gayle Elgort, Gavin Bollard, Craig Boudreaux, Elijah Lapson, Timothy Briley, Palmi Lord, Matthew Buchanan, Ben Rose, Albert Buendia and Jorge Delgado. And we thank everyone who has commented and voted ideas. Your input helps us to focus on the most important improvements next.

We closed the IdeaJam now, but you can still see the results live here. We will evaluate the results and determine what we can do and in which order (probably after the vacation time). There are some rather low hanging fruits (e.g. the top two ideas), other ideas are more time consuming to implement.

Here are the two 10 ideas:

A picture named M2

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