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This month's featured project is Domino Team Mailbox developed by Brian Green and Ben Rose. Domino Team Mailbox is a Notes template file that allows teams to share a single mailbox for "catch-all" types of mailboxes such as "sales@acme.com" or "support@acme.com". The template is easy to setup and configure. In fact, the OpenNTF Community has downloaded this template almost 9,000 times and has also rated it "5 stars". My company uses this template for all of our support, customer services and sales mailboxes.  In fact, we depend on it to ensure smooth and efficient communications with our customers.

Some key features include:

Mail Rules - use standard mail rules to help ensure the mail gets the attention it needs.
Memo Clips - re-use standard blocks of text without having to re-type them for each email response.
Auto Reply - Domino  Team Mailbox can automatically let people know that you received their email by sending out an auto reply.
Integrated Instant Messaging -  Supports integrated Sametime awareness so you can you can see who is online.
Reply Address -  You can configure your mailbox to have a specific "Reply To/From" address. A user's personal email address is not shown in the email message. Bounced messages will return to the Team Mailbox.

Other features include: soft deletions, follow-up flags, Internet-style reply, reply indicator icons, and colored Inbox row highlighting.

A must have app for any business. Your users will thank you right away when you offer them this OpenNTF featured application.


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