In the last couple of months we've extended the OpenNTF web site significantly and provided several new services. There is a new project management UI, fixed full text search, more visibility for contributors, carousel component for featured projects, short and readable URLs for projects, list of most active and downloaded projects, etc.

In order to identify the most important next extensions to the web site as well as new services that OpenNTF should provide, OpenNTF will host a two days IdeaJam on 07/14/10 until 07/16/10.

We'll prepopulate some ideas that we've already been asked for and we'll moderate the discussions (e.g. link to redundant ideas).

The goal of this IdeaJam is not to identify new projects or to discuss the IP model. More details will be announced later but please note this date in your calendars and help us identify the most important additions to OpenNTF.

07/14/10 10:00 AM Middle European time (GMT +1)
07/16/10 10:00 AM Middle European time (GMT +1)

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