my name is Herbert Wagger, I am the General Manager of INTRANET Consulting.

First of all, thanks for the offerings of OpenNTF. It looks like it has a lot of potential.

INTRANET embarked on a strategy to develop a highly "social" banking solution.
Banks are facing new challenges in their business and are forced to be more flexible in dealing with customer behavior. The increasing popularity of Web 2.0 and social media must be considered.
i-Bank 2.0 helps Banks to become more „social“ - to stimulate creativity, improve efficiency, enhance information sharing and most notably, collaboration among internal Bank users as well as with customers.

We are using OpenNTF in the following way:

a) XPages Framework V_0.3 we have used as a standard for the GUI design.

b) Discussion8 we are using as container for our "i-Tweet" Module. i-Tweet is a new way of communication and collaboration (following/followers, team tweets, status updates, news ticker, wall postings, discussion, comments, intelligent agents, personal assistants, ...). The GUI and business logic of i-Tweet resides in another database (i-Bank20x.nsf), however data is stored in discussion8.

c) MobileControls we want to use to develop "i-Bank Mobile". Planned scope for the enduser: CRM customer view, Produpedia/sales-wiki, simple financial advisory workflows (investment consulting, lending/financing, ...)

Once again, thanks for the projects of OpenNTF and for offering it up to the community.

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