You can create reports and charts from any Notes database using Notes Reconn. Impress your clients with the power of Notes integrated with technology like Adobe Flash. Download it here and have it working in a few minutes.

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Here are some features of Notes Reconn.

    * Export to many different formats - Excel, CSV, XML
    * Generate configurable Chart in Excel and in Flash
    * Select parameters at runtime

What is the secret behind Notes Reconn?

Notes Reconn is powered by XML (and XSLT) technology which makes it more powerful and flexible than anything similar we have seen. When a report is run, the relevant data in a Notes Database is pumped into XML format. From here the data can be converted into basically any format using an XSLT transform. Currently we can export to Excel, CSV and any XML format. Sounds complicated but Notes Reconn makes it easy.

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How do Notes Reconn Charts Work?

Notes Reconn can also generate Charts both in Excel and using Flash. The Flash charts are based on a presentation by Rob McDonagh and Julian Robichaux at LotusSphere. As demonstrated in the diagram below, there are many components. The aim was to have everything configurable and to be able to create Charts from any Notes database.

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The data from Notes is processed and then saved in an XML document where it is available for the Flash chart. Charts can also be created in Excel using the same engine except the data from Notes is output is to Excel rather than XML.

See here for a demo of Notes Reconn.

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