The Data Moving Animal is a must-have tool for Notes developers and administrators. When working in a complex Notes environment, your job almost certainly involves pulling together data from different Lotus Notes systems. There will also be times that there is data in CSV or Excel files that you need to pull into a Notes database. Read the testimonials and then download and try the "Three minute evaluation".

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Here’s a simple example of how the Data Moving Animal has helped me. Recently I needed to update data in a Lotus Notes Corporate Phone Book. The data I wanted (each person’s division) existed in a Peoplesoft database which I did not have access to. The Peoplesoft administrator provided me with a CSV file which had the employee id and the "Division" data that I needed. I was able to quickly create a Data Moving Animal config that allowed me to pull data from the CSV file, find the relevant Notes document (using the employee id), and update the division field.
The logging is also fantastic along with the ability to run the Data Moving Animal in "Analysis mode" or "Live mode".
The Data Moving Animal also does lots of boring things like archive databases on schedule. See the demo on YouTube.
Please post your feedback. I would love to add your name to the list of contributors.

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