Thanks to the very good feedback from version 1.0, many improvements to the Javaddin tasklet container were added in version 1.1.

• Tasklets are now running on a different thread than the main java thread. This improves responsiveness of javaddin commands while a long running tasklet is in progress

• Tasklets now support the “triggered” attribute that let a task run based on an Extension Manager event. This feature requires the Javaddin extension manager library to be installed. Note: only a subset of the extension manager events are currently supported in javaddin 1.1. Based on feedback, I will add support for more events as appropriate.
There is a new tasklet sample called TriggeredExample that illustrate how to create a tasklet that can be triggered by event:
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• Tasklets progress can now be monitored and/or canceled. An IProgressMonitor object has been added to the run method signature. Tasklets implementations can provide progress monitoring via the IProgressMonitor argument, they can also be notified if a task has been canceled.

• New javaddin commands:
   • tell javaddin status: give the status of the current tasks
   • tell javaddin cancel: cancel all the current tasks
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More detailed information about these new features can be found in the readme.pdf located in the distribution zip.

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