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The xTalk discussion forum application is a 100% XPages application written for IBM Lotus Notes And Domino 8.5.1 utilizing XPages in the Notes Client and was developed by Declan Lynch.

Styled after many of the popular PHP web forums, xTalk brings the power of web forums to your Domino environment is an easy to deploy and configure application. Using XPages in the Notes client users will experience the same interface no mater how they view it.

Notable xTalk features include:
- Multiple forum support
- Quick and easy setup from the web or Notes 8.5.1 client
- BBcode Editor for forum entries
- Gravatar support
- Supports oneUI V2
- Search
- Installation guide

xTalk was also shown in the Lotusphere 2010 Opening General Session and the Application Development Keynote.

You can download xTalk in the OpenNTF Apache Catalog here.

xTalk was also named a finalist in the 2010 Lotus Awards for Best Open Source Contribution by an Individual.

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