We've updated the mobile web site with the ability to navigate to more blog entries than just the last 10 via a 'more' button.

You can download the code here and go to the project to post defects and requests. For both view paging and to open documents Ajax is used so that no browser refresh/flickering occurs. The view paging has been implemented via HTTP requests (http://.../All?ReadViewEntries&Start=5&Count=5&OutputFormat=JSON).

We've also implemented the same mini app via iUI. iUI is an open source project to build easily iPhone apps via web application development that look and feel like native iPhone apps. The same code also works on other webkit browsers. iUI comes with several nice features like the animated page transitions that you get for free when using this project. We'll post this code in the next days.

Here is animated screenshot of the mobile web site and here a normal screenshot:

A picture named M2

Here is an animated screenshot of the iUI version and a normal screenshot:

A picture named M3

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