We'd like to provide reusable XPage controls to build apps for smartphones. As a starting point we've done a very simple mobile app for OpenNTF:


Here is a quick demo on an Android phone:

Since it's hard to really see everything I've also created a short animated gif showing how the app looks like in Windows desktop Safari.

The prototype is far from being perfect. Our main intention was to learn. Our design goal was to create an app for Webkit browsers (Android, iPhone) that looks and behaves like a native app. That's why we use Ajax to access Domino data. You never see the browser status message 'loading'. Instead we use '#' in the URL and hide and show elements.

Technically we use 'XSP.partialRefreshGet' for the Ajax calls. In order to get notifications that the hash has changed we use 'dojo.connect(document.body, "onhashchange", null, update, true);'. Unfortunately this event only worked for us on Firefox 3.6. It didn't work on an Android 2.0 phone and neither in Windows desktop Safari 4.0.4. We'd like to know whether it works on an actual iPhone. As workaround you can use the 'home' button in the upper left corner to navigate back.
Update 2/11 10 AM EST: You can now navigate via your device's navigation buttons. We use dojo.hash to monitor the hash in the browser URL.

The prototype only lists the last 12 blog entries at this point. We'd like to extend it to allow navigating through bigger views and to other OpenNTF sites like the latest catalog entries. We'd also like to receive feedback regarding the user experience, e.g. font sizes, navigation, etc.

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