In order to help developers to get started with XPages and to help experienced XPage developers to be more efficient we would like to provide more reusable XPage controls. The complexity of these controls can vary from very simple ones to really sophisticated controls.

Today we published three simple widgets:

Web Widget for YouTube
Web Widget for Google Driving Directions
Web Widget for Google MP3 Player

We will try to provide more reusable XPage controls, but we also hope to see more contributions from the community (like these controls from Peter Presnell).

If you are looking for ideas for useful controls read the blog entry from Stephan Wissel who has collected a good list.

Again, controls don't always have to be that sophisticated. Even simple ones can help many other developers. For example I often struggle with simple string operations since I mix up things like how to put strings with quotes in other strings in JavaScript, LotusScipt, Java, @Formula etc.

Also in case you've missed this yesterday since planetlotus was done. Mark Hughes has contributed a sample showing how to use XPages on the iPhone - see here.

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