The Lotus Notes Java UI Application Development team has just added the Java UI API Exerciser project to OpenNTF (documentation is here). This project exemplifies the use of the Java UI APIs for Lotus Notes 8.5.1. It contributes a sidebar view that allows users to add current documents and views in order to view information about them and to take action on them. It also contributes several stand-alone views that allow for interaction with other functionality of the Java UI APIs, such as launching database pickers, composing documents, running agents, and opening views and framesets.  By examining the source code for this project's plugins, one will be able to gain insight into how to utilize the Java UI APIs for Lotus Notes.

Two members of the App Dev team, Ryan Baxter and Adam Geheb, will be at Lotusphere.  They would love to hear your feedback on the 8.5.1 APIs.  They will also be have the 8.5.2 APIs on hand, so stop by the lab and find them if you want to see what's coming in 8.5.2!  

Also look for a new release of the Java UI API Exerciser with the release of Lotus Notes 8.5.2.

We look forward to your questions, comments, and innovations.

- The Notes UI App Dev Team
Ryan Baxter, Adam Geheb, Stanton Sievers

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