For Lotusphere in January 2010 there will be two new Open Source Lotus Awards:

1. Best Open Source Contribution by an Individual(s) (up to 2)
2. Best Open Source Contribution by a Business Partner

These new awards are described in a high level on the 2010 Lotus Awards web page.

For both categories, Lotus Awards will be presented to the individual/business partner that provides the best template, solution or sample, made available via open source through The judging will favor offerings that leverage new technology innovations introduced into the IBM Lotus Notes and/or IBM Lotus Domino 8.X such as XPages, widgets, Eclipse plugins (e.g. for sidebar) and Lotus Symphony. Entries will be judged based on wow factor and innovation, potential business value and possible reuse and documentation.

Awards and recognition:

The two winners of the two categories will be listed on the Lotus Awards web page as this was done in 2009 (see here). Additionally the winner of the category "Best Open Source Contribution by an Individual" will receive one free Lotusphere ticket for 2011. Winners will be invited to present their contributions in the OpenNTF Steering Committee session at Lotusphere 2010.


Everyone can participate and submit nominations. The only exceptions are all IBM employees and participants of the OpenNTF Steering Committee. The sitting members of the Steering Committee are not permitted to personally submit for the Individual award, however their respective companies may submit for the Business Partner award if they are an IBM Business Partner.

In the category 'contribution by an individual' submissions are also accepted that have been created by two individuals. Since this is the first time that the Lotus Awards program accepts nominations by individuals there are some things you need to understand when filling out the forms. You can ignore all fields that are related to business partners/companies. If there is a second individual fill out the name in the fields for the executive.

Prerequisites for valid submissions:

All open source projects can be nominated that have been submitted to either the Apache or GPL catalog on OpenNTF.  The following points describe in details these prerequisites. The contributions don't necessarily have to be published in the catalog by the submission deadline, but they must have a major project release and receive IP clearance before the deadline.  Committers will then work to publish those submissions to the Catalog.

1. Authors need to be approved OpenNTF contributors (e.g. they need to have a signed ICLA or CCLA on file - see here).
2. Submissions have to be posted under one of the four accepted OpenNTF licences. For example for Apache submissions the Apache license has to be applied correctly (see here).
3. Submissions must have been cleared by the so that they can be added to either the Apache or GPL catalog. Contact the IP manager if you need to use third party code.
4. Submissions will be evaluated on Notes 8.5.1 and/or Domino 8.5.1. Non-working submissions or submissions that judges cannot get to work do not count. No other product versions will be used for evaluation.
5. Submissions need at least to provide two or three paragraphs of documentation, some screenshots and in the optimal case a short demo video (all in English).
6. Projects or new releases of existing projects need to be created on OpenNTF with the submission as release in it.


You need to have the code on OpenNTF and the second important information is to register your entry at the Lotus Awards site using the Nomination process and form.


10/19/09: Announcement of open source categories for the 2010 Lotus Awards
01/06/10: Deadline for submissions
01/17/10 - 01/21/10: Announcement of winners at Lotusphere

For any questions please send a mail to with the word 'award' in the subject.

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