There is a new project on OpenNTF called the Widget Library. This library has been implemented by various IBM employees. New widgets will be added to this library continuously.

This first version contains five widgets, three of which were already available in the Apache catalog and two new ones. Since all entries in the catalogs need also to be available as projects I've added the three old widgets to the same project. Over the next days I'll add some more widgets to this library if time permits.

Send mail to
Widget InfoCenter
Widget for Facebook
Widget for Twitter
Search in Designer wiki

The send mail to widget from Lin Tang allows Notes users to select email addresses or plain text in Notes documents to create new mails to the selected person(s).

A picture named M2

All widgets in this library can be installed in two different ways:
1.Locate your widget of choice in the Apache catalog on OpenNTF. Then install the widget via drag and drop as described in this video.
2.Extract the file 'Widget Library' and drag and drop the extension.xml of the widget of your choice to the 'My Widgets' sidebar panel in the IBM Lotus Notes client.

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