A new ideaspace has been created on IdeaJam (sponsored by Elguji Software) on OpenNTF for ideas for the next generation of the discussion template. Please help us to prioritize the features that you want to see in a future discussion template.

See here to get a list of the ideas: Discussion Next Gen Ideas

We suggest to read the pdf document that describes this project first to get some context. However if you don't have the time just use the descriptions of the features in IdeaJam. We tried to use descriptive names and short explanations. In most cases you shouldn't even have to open single ideas but can directly vote from the list of ideas.

In addition to vote ideas we also appreciate comments on ideas. Additionally you can create your own ideas in the ideaspace 'Discussion Next Gen'. We'll keep an eye on new ideas and mark them as redundant if necessary.

We have not defined yet a schedule until when you can vote and add ideas but you have at least until the mid of August. Probably we'll also do more votings on another level of granularity and/or for different iterations later again.

To provide general feedback, please use the 'Discuss' tab of this project. If for some reason you don't want to share your input publically you can also send a mail to Steve and Niklas directly (niklas_heidloff at de dot ibm dot com and steve.castledine at uk dot ibm dot com).

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