Once again, we would like you to come together to celebrate our community at the end of the year. We think our community is really a very special group of friends and colleagues, so join us, be you a customer, a partner, a vendor, an HCLer, or a former member of the community. Everyone is welcome!

We will host the happy hours on GotoMeeting. Bring your favorite beverage and celebrate the holidays with friends!

GotoMeeting links and will be listed on https://openntf.org/webinars before the events begin. All events will occur on Wednesday, December 20th for the listed time zones.

Our first happy hour will be in Europe, Middle East and Africa, at
   4:00 PM in UK
   5:00 PM in Europe
   6:00 PM in Israel, Finland and South Africa
   7:00 PM in Moscow

Our second happy hour will be in the Americas, at
   2:00 PM in the Pacific time zone
   3:00 PM in the Mountain time zone
   4:00 PM in the Central time zone
   5:00 PM in the Eastern time zone
  7:00 PM in Rio, Chile and Argentina

Join one of them, or join all of them! We hope to see you then.

You can also access information about and recordings of all of our webinars at https://openntf.org/webinars

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