Blogging was a thing in the recent past that was used as a way to have a voice in a community. Many in our community will say that they used their blog as a way to remember things for themselves, and have had the experience where when searching for an answer to a problem have been presented with their own blog post in a set of Google search results!

As tools have changed blogging isn’t as common anymore, but the need to solve problems remains. While one can get a lot of answers from Stack Overflow there is a place for blogging as a way to help others, demonstrate expertise and share answers to problems you’ve solved yourself.

The OpenNTF Blogathon is a community event to encourage as many members of our community as possible to start sharing your knowledge / ideas / solutions / questions again. You can write on any topic and for any length, but we suggest that people who are just getting started to keep it small to begin with. A lot of little tips and tricks will eventually turn into a comprehensive reference for the community.

It’s not just blogging. YouTube videos count too. Whatever way you like to document and share something you have learned with the community is great!

If you don’t already have a blog, you can send your post to OpenNTF and we can post it to our blog on your behalf, or post a video on our YouTube channel to share. If you would like to start a blog, we recommend using GitHub Pages.

It is really important for us to underscore that any kind of sharing is relevant and any kind of content is useful. Share what you know! Do not let the idea that someone else has already written on a particular topic deter you from also writing on that topic. Seeing the same problem from a different perspective is always helpful.

For everyone who participates OpenNTF will amplify your post(s) on Discord and Collaboration Today, and will send you a digital badge.

To participate, after you have your content ready, post a link on the OpenNTF Discord server, in the #blogathon channel. Or contact us there if you have content that you would like OpenNTF to host for you.

Plus, this counts if you are considering a nomination as an HCL Ambassador, and the nomination period opens in October.

Contact us on Discord for more information.

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