This blog presents the questions from the March 2022 OpenNTF webinar on the free Domino Admin Tool from HCL and their answers from our speaker, Heather Hottenstein. Thanks for all the great questions!

To begin, here is the links to the support page where you can download the HCL Domino Admin Tools. Note that during the webinar Heather showed v1.4 of the tools, but the page above had a link to v1.3. The page has now been updated so that you can download v1.4.

Q Isn't there also an agent/script to search for orphaned mail files? That would be a nice addition to this set of tools.
A There is an OpenNTF project called Orphan Database Detector that will provide an inventory of user mail databases that no longer have a respective Person document. I will take this idea forward to the HCL team as a feature enhancement to the tool.
Q What happens with two mail files for the same user. The older one has ten folders, the newer one (and destination) has the same ten folders but in a different hierarchy. What happens after running the copy operations to those folders?
A The folders are copied over with the same hierarchy as is present in the source database. If the destination database does not have the folder, it is created and the documents added.
Q On the prohibt design element tool, can you serach by template, but have it hit all databases using that template? And can it be used on dbs that aren't mail?
A You can only select a single database and manage design elements with the design refresh/replace flag enabled. While the UI allows you to select non-mail databases, it does not report design elements that have the flag enabled. I will take these ideas forward to the HCL team as feature enhancements to the tool.
Q Is it possible to enable the OOO agent for another user with this tool?
A No, you cannot enable the Out of Office agent for another user using the All-in-one Admin Tool.
Q Change to Editor access: Will every entry in the ACL be downgraded to editor or only the owner?
A Only the ACL entry of the respective mail file owner will be changed to Editor.
Q Is there a way to change the Master Template on all mail databases?
A The convert utility that is a native component of the Domino server provides this functionality. For example, issuing the following command on the Domino server console will upgrade all databases in the mail folder to the mail12.ntf template design andchange the database property Inherit design from master template value to be StdR12Mail: load convert mail\*.nsf * mail12.ntf
Q For German users there is also the Domino Navigator (not open source though)
A Thank you for sharing this information.
Q How to export CSV file?
A The All-in-on Admin Tool has the Create Mail Database Spreadsheet tool, which allows you to export selected mail database properties to a .csv file. If you have a more specific question, please reach out to
Q Is there a tool to show you all of the mail rules enabled in each mail file on the server and the details of each rule?
A RPR Wyatt's Essential Agent Manager tool provides this functionality. You may contact Jim Engle for more information at
Q The Easy Admin Tools app on OpenNTF includes a lot more functionality than this one. Any plans to merge them together?
A During the webinar, an attendee voiced interest in taking this idea forward. As an open project, contributions are welcome by all.
Q Editor access includes several flags that you may not want users to have. Create folders and delete docs is usually enough for most users. Are those flags configurable here?
A The flags are not currently configurable. I will take this idea forward.
Q By removing Calendar Profile it will also delete any Rules created in the databases, right?
A No, deleting the Calendar Profile does not delete the Mail Rules.
Q What about the profile documents? are they copied, too?
A The Create Mail Database Copy tool does not copy profile documents.
Q Editor Mail Access: Which Access level is neccessary to create a Full text index?
A Editor access or higher is required to created a full text index of a database.
Q Mail Datbase Search: Does the databases need a full texti ndex for the tool to work?
A The Help document for the Mail Database Search tool references technote, which states that a full text index must exist for each mail database being searched. However, a test performed against a mail database with a small number of documents that was not full text indexed did return results. A full text index is recommended.
Q Idea: Could OpenNTF republish "The View" content? Perhaps talk to the publisher about this as the Journal disappeared from the planet.
A We will see if we can get in touch with the Publisher and propose this idea to them. --Graham

Answers by Heather Hottenstein. Edited by Graham Acres.

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