Please join OpenNTF at an open online gathering to remember our co-founder and friend, Nathan T. Freeman.

We will host an open GoToMeeting for everyone in the Community to join and share their memories of Nathan, this coming Friday, from 1:00 - 2:00 PM EDT. You may use this link to join the meeting:

Nathan's vision led to the forming on OpenNTF as a free, open source service to the Notes and Domino community. His leadership made it happen, and also he backed it up by contributing code, sharing ideas, and pushing IBM, all while giving his time freely on the old XPages Skype chat that he was a regular participant in. User Groups were another way to share, and he has numerous presentation to his credit, sharing his knowledge with the community.

We have already seen some wonderful memories of Nathan shared by various members of the community, all with the theme of his generosity, and his unique grin. Please join us to share more of these stories.

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