We ran out of time during our March webinar for the Q&A session, so this blog presents all of the questions and answers for you. Again we thank Thomas, Maxx, Theo and Tom for providing more detail on this interesting subject.

Q Is it possible to create from a NotesDatabase within Nomad a kind of shortcut on the 'AndroidOS desktop' which links direct to the application within Nomad? (so the user does not need to open Nomad to access a database)
A Yes. See Maxx's demo during the webinar as he showed how to do this.
Q Will Nomad Mobile also support SAML / TOTP ?
A Currently Nomad Mobile does not support SAML / TOTP. HCL is considering this. Please use the AHA site to share your voice for this functionality. Note that Domino will support two-factor authentication. This is a lot of work but is on the list of things HCL is looking at for Nomad Mobile.
Q Which version of the Designer is needed for "Mobile Actions buttons"?
A Domino Designer V11 and later
Q Just to confirm, Hide Column from Mobile only apply to view column, not table column ?
A Correct. However, you can design an application with logic that will hide and show table columns exactly the same as you would for a standard Notes client app.
Q Does nomad web respect the "web browsers" settings selected in the designer?
A Nomad Web is a different story and is not part of today's topic.
Q What port does Nomad use? (mobile? web?)
A Nomad mobile uses the NRPC protocol on port 1352, the same as your Notes client. In combination with Safelinx Proxy it can also use port 443 (=HTTP/S). Nomad Web will only work on port 443 and will require the Safelinx proxy
Q s it possible to change from a vpn/nrpc configuration of the nomad app to the SSL/Safelinx configuration?
A See answer above.
Q Are these changes to enable responsive applications already supported by the latest Nomad build on Testflight so that i could start evaluating them once i get my hands on Domino Designer 12?
A No, not yet available on Test Flight. Will be available closer to when V12 ships.
Q Are there plans for a kiosk type mode, or the ability to launch straight into a specific application from the phone home screen?
A It has been requested - please vote for this idea https://domino-ideas.hcltechsw.com/ideas/ideas/DMA-I-151
Q Currently, is there any way to capture a user's handwritten signature using Nomad on a mobile device?
A Not yet, but planning to provide this feature soon. If you like this idea, please vote for it: https://domino-ideas.hcltechsw.com/ideas/DMA-I-6
Q Are calendar views supported?
A Yes
Q In V12 will you update the classic standard templates Journal / DocLib and Discussion to play nicely with Nomad? These templates are HCL showcases and are still useful !
A Yes. This needs to be done but it will be done in stages. The work has begin but is so far incomplete.
Q Can you open a Nomad document from a Notes Doc link in Verse/Traveller email.
A Yes
Q How can we (technically) design an application which looks nice in iOS and Android? Best practice?
A Look up the Wine Tasting project on OpenNTF, and see how we did it (in designer). Lots of tips in there. Also worth keeping an eye on the HCL Digital Solutions Academy as they develop best practices documentation for all HCL Digital Solutions products.
Q What is the current version of Nomad mobile? and what version of Domino server supports Nomad Mobile?
A You will always find the current version of the apps in the iOS App Store and the Android Marketplace. They happen to be numbered differently but they will always be current. Technically Nomad Mobile may communicate with all supported versions of the Domino server. Note that it is best to have ID Vault implemented on the server. Note also that Domino Designer V11 is necessary to use the new checkboxes that offer specific Nomad functionality to do with swiping right and left.
Q What is the most efficient way to get some nice looking icons/images suitable for the OS?
A Nothing special. Google searches for icons that work best on iOS and Android. HCL is using the Carbon Design System for icons, and you may incorporate these icons to make your apps look consistent.
Q Have you found a method for importing items from the android file system. looking at saving a customer signature and then loading it into the notes application.
A There is no documented method to do this right now. Please add/vote this on AHA.
Q Selection in view like zip code not easy to do like type ahead to specific town.
A This functionality does not currently exist. Please add/vote this on AHA.
Q Seach in view list please. This dosen't work as well as in the Notes client.
A Again, please add this on AHA and have people vote on it.
Q Can we expect to see scheduled replication soon?
A Scheduled Replication is a prioritized feature. We are unable to provide time estimates at this time.
Q Any plans to make the name picker more mobile friendly?
A Yes, we plan on improving the Name Picker experience. On Phones the dialog is particularly challenging. If you use the Name Picker on a phone, then I would recommend interacting with the dialog with your device in landscape orientation.
Q Where can we get the updated Discussion template ?
A See here: HCL Template Experience Project
Q Does Nomad Mobile work with XPages?
A XPages are not supported inside Nomad, but of course you can use your XPages apps in your browser.
Q How close are Nomad Mobile apps to be considered a PWA?
A Nomad Mobile apps are not PWAs. There is no plan to support Nomad Web running as a PWA on Mobile platforms.
Q Can Nomad be setup for multiple users on the same device?
A You are not able to switch the user on mobile devices. This is more of a limitation from the hardware manufacturers. There is already an AHA request that you can up-vote if you wish. HCL sees the value in the use case. please vote for it on AHA.
Q Is there is a way to manage a notification in the mobile system
A There currently is no way for an application to manage notifications going to the device. However, this is an interesting request and would be a nice way to extend the device capabilities of Notifications to the Domino application. Please add your request to the AHA forum to be voted on. Specifics on the use case that you are looking for would be very helpful in that post. https://domino-ideas.hcltechsw.com/ideas?project=DMA

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