Attendees: Bruce, Stuart, Sean, Elijah, Pete J, Brent, Corey, Justin, Peter T.

OpenNTF Meeting Minutes 02/09/2012

1. Approval of meeting minutes from 01/26/2012 - Approved.

2. Annual General Meeting - February 29th 11:00am EST Announcement to come from Bruce.

3. Taxes - Delaware March 1st tax deadline goal to have filed by February 17th. Delaware agency has website for filing taxes. Need to get website account information to submit. Corey and Bruce to submit.

4. Third Development Contest Update - Announced to community. Hopefully most successful contest yet!

5. Sponsored Webinars - Working with TLCC on sponsored Webinars. Would we charge? How can we publicize? Cost of the platform? LotusLive account - limit to users. Pete would look into getting an account. Sametime server could be used but we need licenses. Bruce with John on a plan.

6. Newsletter - Sponsored Newsletter. Similar to Lotus Usergroup. 70,000 members. Can we generate operating expenses for organization. Need to make sure we have a "Opt out" mechanism. Need to understand tax laws in terms of generating income and what is taxable.

7. Financial Update - Corey gave the update.

8. Server stability - Memory issues. Justin's monitoring software can not pick up this issue. Moving to get log files to IBM.

For agenda next meeting - Source control integration

Annex to Meeting Minutes for OpenNTF Board Meeting on 02/09/2012
The next development contest which entails:
1. A controls category with two prizes of $800
2. A app category with two prizes of $1,600
3. To cover these prizes, We4IT will provide $4,000 and OpenNTF will provide $800 plus up to an addition $200 to cover the costs for delivering the prizes

We have 9 votes yes with zero against motion passed.

Recorded by Elijah Lapson

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