Attendees: Peter, Niklas, Corey, Per, Elijah, Sean, Bruce, John, Jullian, Brent, Justin.

OpenNTF Meeting Minutes 01/26/2012

1. Approval of meeting minutes from 01/05/2012 - Approved.

2. IP Manager update - IP contributions coming in Peter still scanning and approving. New contract in the works for Peter T via IBM Canada. Pete Janzen working on reimbursement for $1,200 of OpenNTF funds spent on IP manager during 2011.

3. LotusSphere Recap - Bruce - Lower traffic on the product showcase floor. OpenNTF woven in to the session by IBM staff. John - Booth used as a meeting point should we spend the time necessary to run the booth? Good coverage. Hit a saturation point. Mostly developers. Speedgeeking session people had not heard of OpenNTF. Attendance for OpenNTF session 165 people. Timing challenging to draw people. Option for a event sponsored by the PSC group at LotusSphere featuring OpenNTF. Focus on sessions including OpenNTF content demos at User group meetings. Demos to be hosted on OpenNTF Server.

4. Schedule Annual General Meeting - February 29th 11:00 EST. 1 Hour meeting. Bruce to work on the agenda.

5. Taxes - State of Delaware March 1st deadline. Rosalyn Elward helping out with filing. Corey send Financial info to Rosalyn. Federal return due April 15th.

6. Third Development contest - WeForIT willing to sponsor another contest. Ideas from the booth: Categories for contest: Snippets, Controls, Full applications. Different awards for different categories. Double the prizes have cash prizes to reduce complications in customs shipping etc. Extend the deadline make it 4 four months so we can have two contests per year. John suggested alternative categories. New release of applications. Connections themed contest. Invite people from the community to first round of voting. Start 1st contest in February - May

7. LUG Presence-  Richard Moy has offered OpenNTF a free pedestal at MWLUG on August 15-17, 2012, Pittsburgh, Omni William Penn Hotel.  If somebody is willing to staff it would be a good idea. In addition: Stuart: Happy to do the same for Social Connections III in Dublin, 11th May 2011. - Session instead of pedestal.

Niklas - OpenNTF presentations at LotusPhere comes to you. Suggestion of a calendar for usergroup meetinsg on OpenNTF. Possible Widget on OpenNTF. John to investigate.

8. Investigate using the source control RedMine on OpenNTF. - Source control on OpenNTF will respond and look into what it would take to implement.

9. For Agenda next meeting - Sponsored webinars. Newsletter. Site redesign. Meet with TLCC.

Congratulations to Stuart Blogger of the year Planet Lotus.

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