Dear Friends

Today, we have lost our Co-Founder Nathan T. Freeman. Nathan was a fighter, an inspiration and a visionary. As one of the Founders of OpenNTF, he had a huge influence of how and what OpenNTF has become. Beside his contribution as a leader, he has also done the hard work of contributing code. Code that will be a part of his legacy to us. He had always a strong opinion and therefore also strong arguments. Disussions with him where always fun and intense at the same time. Nathan

I remember, when I was speaking together with Nathan at a Notes User Group Event in Denmark. We had a nice chat about our families and what we are doing beside the crazy programming stuff. At that moment, I figured out that Nathan cares more about who I am then what I do. So let us do the same. Let us keep in our memory who he was and who he was to us. We will miss you!

Today, we as OpenNTF ask you to give something back and support Nathan's family. So please support:


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