Yes you should really think about participating the "IBM Collaboration Solution Developer Competition 2016". It will be fun and a real good experience.
Before I was the Chairman of OpenNTF, I had the chance to build myWebGate with our Development staff. We where a gang of 6 team members, but if you think 6 Developers... you would be wrong. My Friend Peter was our project manager and delegated from the management team to lead the financial aspects of this project like effort and deliverables. My role was more Enabler and Architect then developer. And to be honest behind the scene was Roman our CEO who had the role of the business sponsor. He was also in a way part of the team.

During my time of building XPages Toolkit and POI4XPages, I get a complete different view of what is my team, because I figured out that best request came from outside of our development team. To be honest for XPages Tookit and POI4XPages, the most important *team members* are the developers who use the framework and builds the applications. They are like the *Business Sponsors*. They know what they really want (If you are using one of this project and you are not part of the corresponding slack channel, join us today).

But now there is this absolute cool IBM Collaboration Developer Contest, which you have to attend as a team. Please rethink "Team". Because we are not talking about a "Team of Developer".... No we are talking about a Team. And I think your Team should contains the following type of members:
- Someone with a clever Idea or a real world need!
- The one who can develop the code for the clever idea
- A real good Tester
- Documentation? Yes documentation.... and there are People who loves to do documentation

So build your team,join the Competition!

Have fun

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