OpenNTF is a community across all time zones and countries. Our main platform for communication inside OpenNTF is But to communicate with the world, our web presence is of absolute importance. And, in addition to our normal web presence, we have introduced the tools from Atlassian to manage and control all our open source projects. And there is more: OpenNTF is also the provider for,, and the famous

To manage such a stack of cool and best-in-class infrastructure, you need the right partner: a partner that has a deep knowledge in different technologies and also patience with an organisation like OpenNTF. I think it's the right time to say THANK YOU Prominic; thanks Justin, Doug, Stephen and the whole team for your support and your flexibility!

Thanks for this great infrastructure and service you provide. We will handle it with care and I hope that the community will use it to build wonderful and amazing pieces of software, services, and solutions.

All the best and have fun.

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