You wanna build a community, take your time, bring people together and invest some money in beer. And be aware the community will not grow deeper with more beer. So don't let them get drunk.
In the last 12 month did we try this. We spent money to be the beer sponsor for some major events. We also organized the Notes 25 Year anniversary at IBM Connected 2015 together with Socialbiz.UG and the IBM Champions Program. Yes we brought people together! But what's next. We figured out that we have lot of different channels used to communicate topics around Open Source and OpenNTF. Some of these channels are so secret that any mentioning of it will lead to endless banishing! But successful Open Source Projects have all one in common. They build a community around a vision or a problem.
We asked, how can we accelerate this process, and to be honest we found a possible solution by accident. We discovered Slack!

Slack offers us a multi-channel, multi-content communication platform that allows you to join the communities you are interested in. It allows us to provide information about issues, feature request and builds instantly on a single place. So please join the discussion. You can click on the "Slack" button on the OpenNTF homepage to receive an invitation, if you have not already joined.

And have Fun

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