It's done. OpenNTF wears its new clothes.  I want to thank Bruce (@belgort), Per (@perlausten), Niklas (@nheidloff) and Martin (@MartinRolph) for their work! Martin you and your team from Oval have done an amazing job!

I've asked Martin to say some words about his experience working with

@MartinRolph "Working with the OpenNTF board on their website redesign has been thoroughly enjoyable, from the first concept discussions, right up to launch. It hasn't been entirely without its challenges; we've endeavoured to make it a cutting edge site, and have thus implemented some new technologies for the first time - Bootstrap 3, HTML5pushState, Markdown and in-line image handling – rather than going for easy wins.
I’m happy to say that the hard work has paid off and, together, we've come up with a robust, modern, good looking and functional application which can be built upon in the years to come.
Our hope is that this launch marks just the beginning of new developments; the Oval team has a host of additional ideas which we hope to work on soon, including deeper GitHub integration and aligning some of the other OpenNTF sites with the new framework.
In the months to come we'll work on publishing some of the approaches used as OpenNTF projects, enabling others to benefit from them, as well as retaining the true Open Source spirit of OpenNTF.
Many thanks to Bruce, Niklas, Per and Christian for making this such an enjoyable project. "- Martin Rolph - Oval Business Solutions

With our new website we also have our new logo in place:

Our new website and the new logo reflects the freshness and dynamic of OpenNTF. We are currently working on updated marketing material and logo usage guidelines. In the meantime we have also updated our social channels and presence.


Feel free to provide your feedback to the recent changes via this social channels.

All the best and I hope to see you soon at IBM Connect 2014

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