It was during the last LotusSphere, in 2012, that I had a vision about a build server for IBM Domino. And today I'm ready to talk about it. The first question that I want to answer is, do we need a build server for IBM Domino?

Its no surprise that my answer is yes, since:
–        We have started to use GitHub as our source control management system.
–        Some of our projects are becoming bigger and more complex.
–        OpenNTF delivers high valuable software.
–        And last but not least, our IP Process is very strong.

And we believe that applications developed for the IBM XWork Server will become more complex. Higher complexity means more people involved! Take a look at the Domino Java API Project (GitHub - OpenNTF / org.openntf.domino). The same with projects like "myWebGate" and "myWebGate Scrum".

On the other hand do we see (during the IP Clearance Process) that the number of projects, which depend on other open source projects are growing. Each project must include a notice file (listing those other projects) and the build process to deliver a final zip package on the OpenNTF website has become more complex. During the General Annual Meeting, we were faced with the fact that this process is becoming more complex and time-consuming.

In fact there are already build systems for  most programming languages available and some of them are open source. Many open source projects deliver nightly builds, because of these build systems. Why not use an existing framework and extend the capabilities to also build NSF files and package them with the necessary legal stuff?

It has take 2 years for this vision to become an idea. It will also take some time to make a plan from this vision, and if the time is ready, I will demostrate some "proof of concept" code. But if you are out there and feel engaged by the vision. Feel free to contact me.

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