With POI4XPages we have discovered a special passion to find Apache projects with a high value and make them available for the XPages community. The feedback that we have received for POI4XPages has told us, that this is definitively a need and valuable to the OpenNTF community.

Tika4XPages delivers another great project from Apache to the community. Imagine this:
Every picture file contains a bunch of meta-information. Photos contain information about geolocation, apparture, camera model and more. PDFs about the creator of the file, word, excel and, and, and.... The Apache Tika project contains a wide range of file parsers to analyze these files and bring the meta-information as set of properties back. It reduces the complexity to a simple HashMap!

Tika4XPages encapsulates the Apache Tika project and handles all classloader and security problems. The first release makes a new bean available, called the tikaBean. The tikaBean does the extract magic. Look how simple a call to the tikaBean is:

                File inputFile = new File("c:/myfile_to_analyse.txt");
                HashMap<String, String> metadata;
                metadata = TikaBean.get().extractInfo(inputFile);

A simple loop over the metadata shows, which information in the file is available. From SSJS is the bean via tikaBean.extractInfo( new File( <path to file>)) available. Our first implementation expects files, because Tika works with files.

See in the example database how you can browse over all properties, and have some fun with your holiday pictures. Be surprised, what unused treasure you will find.

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